About the company

About the company

Amirox IC PTY Limited is a legally registered Australian company dedicated to investing in the most successful business areas of the 21st century:

  • cryptocurrency mining
  • forex trading
  • real estate
  • artificial intelligence systems

Due to the specific nature of the company, Amirox IC allows you to conclude contracts not only with legal entities but also with individuals, which allows you to participate in the development of the company, as well as to receive payments on contracts concluded.

To conclude the contract as with an individual, you need to register in the system, go to your personal cabinet to the page «New contract» and then follow the instructions.

You can read more about how to do this in the «F.A.Q.» section.

Amirox IC operating principle

Amirox IC is engaged in investment activities in various business areas and receives its profits from this, and the person who signed a contract with Amirox IC is paid dividends.
In addition to the company's own capital, Amirox IC also raises capital for investment activities from individuals and legal entities around the world. Becoming it is quite simple to become a partner of the company and you can get your first payment within a few days from the moment you sign the electronic contract with the company.

Amirox IC is very interested in attracting new people and expanding its financial areas, so an affiliate program was developed, which allows you to invite your friends, acquaintances and relatives in order to get some interest on the amount of their contract, as well as a percentage of each charge of the contract.

All this defines a mutually beneficial cooperation, which allows to get additional profits both for you and for the company.

You can read more about this in the «Affiliate Program» section.

Reasons for launching the Amirox IC website

At the end of 2021, the company's governing board decided to expand its financial flows by launching a website to accept investments from individuals on a p2b-investment basis.

As planned, the launch of the Amirox IC website should occur at the end of the third or early fourth quarter of 2022 and bring:

  • an increase in the financial flows that determine Amirox IC profits from arrangements with the companies it finances.
  • the ability to arrange profitable partnerships with larger companies that require much more investment capital than what Amirox IC has now.
  • an improvement in the company's image potential.

In addition, in the future, Amirox IC plans to open representative offices in major countries such as the US, China and Germany in order to:

  • simplify interaction with individuals and businesses.
  • to invest in foreign companies.
  • take the company to the next level of operation by creating more jobs around the world.

Cryptocurrency mining

Despite the fact that this area is more than 12 years old, it will and still is quite popular.

Mining - the activity of creating new structures to ensure the functioning of cryptocurrency platforms. The creation of another structural unit is usually remunerated through new cryptocurrency units issued and/or commissions.

As of this date, Amirox IC has signed a cooperation agreement with a mining company Mawson Infrastructure Group, operating since September 2019.

All investments made on behalf of Amirox IC to Mawson Infrastructure Group are spent on purchase of new ASIC equipment, maintenance and refurbishment of equipment already in operation, maintaining the technical condition of the data centers. In return, Amirox IC receives certain dividends, which it distributes among its contracted clients in this area.

Also, note that this is the most affordable destination for investment, allowing you to check the honesty and principles of Amirox IC.

Forex Trading

As you know, trading in the forex market is accompanied by a very high risk. But if you want to get income from trading in the forex market and at the same time do not want to incur money losses, then we encourage you to pay attention to this area.

For 2021, Amirox IC has a cooperation and investment agreement with an Australian company AvaTrade. AvaTrade has a whole department of private traders who are internationally certified and experienced private traders. Amirox IC profits from the trust of its users' money through AvaTrade, which is distributed between users who have concluded a contract in this area.

Real estate investments

Real estate has historically been considered one of the oldest and most reliable tools for investing. Therefore, investing in real estate does not surprise anyone. But nevertheless, it has its own advantages:

  • Real estate can not fall in price to zero, but if there is a drop in price, it falls insignificantly.
  • Real estate is tangible, clearly visible, unlike other forms of investment.
  • Real estate can be sold, and thus get in an emergency cash investment.

To date, Amirox IC has partnership agreements with some of Australia's largest real estate investment companies, such as Scentre Group and GPT Group. These companies both invest in promising and high quality real estate, and directly build residential properties, shopping centers and other liquid buildings.

Amirox IC invests and receives money in the form of dividends from the above companies and distributes them among its contracted users in this area.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly ubiquitous part of everyday life that reflects the way we live and work.

The benefits and promise of artificial intelligence for society and business are undeniable. It helps people make more accurate predictions and informed decisions, enabling innovation and improving productivity. It helps detect credit card fraud, diagnose diseases, and contribute to the global fight against COVID-19.

In 2021, we signed a cooperation and investment agreement with FIVE2ONE, and in 2022 a contract with UPCORE. All of them provide software development services, including artificial intelligence. The purpose of Amirox IC is to finance these companies, and with the proceeds the companies upgrade their workplaces, computers, and purchase licensed software.

In return, these companies receive royalties, some of which are paid to Amirox IC, which in turn, distributes these funds to its contracted clients in this area.

Income amount

The income amount is determined based on the number of contracts signed and their areas, between you and Amirox IC.
Your affiliate program status and the activity of your referrals also influence the income amount.

Payout order

Payouts are manually ordered by you and are made every Sunday and Thursday from 10:00 to 18:00 Australian time in Sydney.

Profit accrual

  • The «Cryptocurrency Mining» contract is valid for 30 days from the conclusion date. This contract cannot be terminated prematurely. The daily accrual percentage is fixed and amounts to 3.8% of the contract amount. Total accrual is 114%, of which 14% - your earnings, and the remaining 100% - the sum of contract. The minimum contract amount is $50, and the maximum is $2,500.

  • The «forex trading» contract is valid for 60 days from the moment of conclusion. It is not possible to terminate such a contract prematurely. The daily accrual percentage is fixed and amounts to 2.25% of the contract amount. Total accrual is 135%, of which 35% is your earnings, and the remaining 100% is the sum of the contract. The minimum contract amount is $50, and the maximum is $10,000.

  • The «real estate» contract is open-ended. This contract can be terminated only after one month from the date of conclusion, and the refund will be made minus a penalty of 5% of the contract amount. The daily profit percentage is fixed and amounts to 0.67% of the contract amount. The minimum contract amount is $1,000 and the maximum is $10,000.

  • The «artificial intelligence» contract is open-ended. This a contract can be terminated only after one month from the date of conclusion, and the refund will be made minus a penalty of 5% of the contract amount. The daily profit percentage is fixed and amounts to 0.9% of the contract amount. The minimum contract amount is $10,000 and the maximum is $50,000.

You can read the restrictions on the amount of currencies other than the US Dollar in the Personal Account.

Termination of contract

Termination is an opportunity to get your money back and terminate the terminated contract.

Note that the ability to terminate a contract and the penalty for this action depends on its area.


Amirox IC needs individuals who will promote it for a reward and share common interests with her.

The Board of Managers has decided to develop a Partner Program that will company, as well as the person concerned, by paying a reward for each invitee's contract the invitee's contract, and for each accrual on the invitee's contract.

The affiliate program allows you to earn in a passive mode. In order to get reward according to the affiliate program you need to invite a person using your invitation link, which is specified in your personal account. Then, the person invited by you has to conclude a contract on any of areas. From the amount of his contract you will receive remuneration.

Percentage of reward depends on your status in the affiliate program. You can find more details about the affiliate program statuses below.

Affiliate program statuses

In order to get acquainted with the Affiliate Program Statuses and their possibilities, it was decided to present them in the mini-presentation format below.

With this in mind, Amirox IC gives you the opportunity for career development, up to and including the opening of branch in your country and work with the company on fully official terms, taking into account the laws of Australia, your country and international law.

The «Newbie» status is given to all clients of the company automatically after registering an account on the site.

Reward mechanism

Let's imagine that a User was registered through your invitation link. From now on moment he is your referral of level 1. If your 1st level referral, in turn, invites a new user to the system via his invitation link, the new user becomes referral 1 level for your referral of level 1, and referral 2 level for you and so on.

Even if you have not unlocked additional levels provided by other Affiliate Program statuses, the system, despite this, still assigns you referrals up to level 10, but rewards from them you will receive only based on the number of levels provided by your Affiliate Program status. The same rule applies to calculation of statistics on deposits of your referrals.

If your current affiliate status is Professional, but your Level 6 referral has just signed an agreement with Amirox IC for $1,000, you will immediately receive the reward equal to 1.25% of the amount of his agreement, which equals $10.25.
If your Level 6 referral has just received a $6.7 accrual on this contract, you will immediately be charged 1.5%, which equals $0.1.

Please note that if your reward is less than $0.01, it will not be paid.

Certificate of Registration


Company constitution


User agreement


Privacy policy


Presentation (Oct. 2022)



Amirox IC PTY Limited is officially registered in the Australian Register of Legal Entities under the number 654744975, which confirms the legality of its activities.

The company's activities are not contrary to the laws of Australia.

You can click on the «download» buttons to review the company's registration documents and «check in the registry».

SSL & Company Site Ownership

Amirox IC cares about the security of its Users and uses EV SSL certificate with extended company information verification. This means that before issuing an SSL certificate, the certification center GeoTrust carefully studied and checked all the necessary documents of Amirox IC.

Information about EV SSL certificate

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