Bounty program

Hello, dear partners,

In connection with the plan to improve the image potential of the company,
we present you the bounty program.

What is it?
The Bounty program is a program through which every investor and partner of Amirox IC can record a video review or video review; and get a small reward for it.

Who are the beneficiaries?
The beneficiaries are Amirox IC and the person who recorded the video and published it in the public domain.
Amirox IC improves its image potential and the person receives a reward for it.

Conditions for participation in this program:

  • Be an active (having signed at least one contract) customer of Amirox IC.
  • Upload video without making it private (closed) on YouTube.
  • The video (post) should be available for public access for at least 7 days from the moment of its publication.
  • The number of your subscribers on the platform must be 50 or more.
  • The number of views for the video (post) must be 10 or more after 7 days from the moment of its publication.
  • No more than one video (post) per week.

Video from your phone/computer screen - from $5 to $15 to your account.
Video of you filming yourself - $15 to $50 to your account.


  1. Make sure you fall under the above conditions.
  2. Upload your video to one of the sites.
  3. Send us an email (support@amirox.company) with the subject "Bounty 1/2" with your username and a link to your video.
  4. After 7 days, send us again the link to your video with the theme "Bounty 2/2", stating your login in the letter.
  5. Expect to be rewarded.

Best regards,
Amirox IC.

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