Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter "Policy") outlines and regulates the actions of Amirox Investment Corporation PTY LTD (hereinafter "Company"), number in the register of legal entities in Australia 654744975, operating through the web resource https://amirox.company (hereinafter "Site"), such as the collection, processing, storing, using and protecting of personal data of Users (hereinafter "User").

The administration of the Company strongly recommends that the User carefully read the provisions of this Document. Creation of account and use of the Site equates with the User's agreement with all the terms of this Privacy Policy.


  1. This Policy is an integral part of the activities between the Company and the User. Use of the Site implies the User's consent to this Policy.
  2. The Company, in accordance with the laws of Australia and international legal acts, makes all possible efforts to protect personal information of the User.


  1. The purposes of processing of personal data of Users are:
    1. Providing access to the tools of the Site, in particular to the personal account of the User.
    2. Fulfillment of obligations under the contracts concluded between the Company and the User.
    3. Communication with Users by sending them e-mail notifications or newsletters.
    4. Collection and processing of data for analytical statistics.
    5. Providing support for Users.


  1. To collect data, the Site uses:
    1. Cookies sent by a browser to the Company's Site.
    2. Data provided by the User in person, as part of the application to the Support Service (e.g. by sending an e-mail to the Company Support email address or by entering them in the Live Support form) or by directly specifying them on the Site.
  2. Data that does not specifically identify the User is called impersonal data. It includes:
    1. Browser information (e.g. name, version).
    2. Information about the operating system (e.g. name, version).
    3. IP address, location, time zone.
    4. Any other information that does not disclose the User.
  3. Data that uniquely identifies the User is called personal data. It includes:
    1. First name, last name and patronymic.
    2. E-mail address, phone number and links to social media pages.
    3. Payment information.
    4. Any other information to identify the User.
  4. Personal data is used solely for the purpose of providing services by the Company to the User and cannot be provided to third parties, except for police and judicial structures of Australia at their official request.
  5. Impersonal data is used for the quality provision of the Company's services to the User, and may be provided to third parties only for the purpose of collecting statistics on visits.


  1. All data is securely stored in accredited Data Centers.
  2. The Company's servers have been successfully audited for all known threats
  3. The Company's Constitution defines special regulations for employee access to the data of its Users, which make it possible to almost completely rule out illegal disclosure of data and the human factor.
  4. The largest share of internal procedures using User data is carried out automatically, which eliminates unlawful disclosure of data by Company employees and the human factor.


  1. This Policy may be amended in the future without notice to Users.
  2. The User is obliged to review this Policy each time he or she submits his or her Personal Data. Otherwise, the User automatically agrees to a modified version of this Policy.

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